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Kyle Mathews

创始人@ GatsbyJS. 喜欢技术,读/写,创建事物. bricolage.io上的博客.


Announcing Gatsby Recipes Alpha 2

After first releasing Recipes in April, we learned a lot from early adopters, testers and community members creating and contribtuing their own Recipes (thanks!) for automating common Gatsby site building chores. In this second alpha release we applied these lessons as we completely rewrote many parts of Recipes to better fulfill our vision of making Gatsby super easy to use, even for beginners.

凯尔·马修斯(Kyle Mathews) 2020年8月4日
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From Static to Real-time: Introducing Incremental Builds in Gatsby Cloud

This is how the web should work. Whatever can be built ahead of time should be built ahead of time. When content changes, only relevant pages should be rebuilt. Introducing Incremental Builds on Gatsby Cloud: an evolutionary leap forward to a seamless, fast experience for the developers, content editors and end users of any website—even if that site has millions of pages.

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