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It’s Gatsby’s 5th Birthday 🎂 (and everyone’s invited!)

“Five years ago today, a nascent Gatsby emerged in the form of Issue 1 on the brand new Gatsbyjs GitHub repo. Here are some thoughts about where we began and how Gatsby has evolved during this most interesting demi-decade.”

凯尔·马修斯(Kyle Mathews) 2020年5月22日
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Gatsby Recipes: What's All the Fuss About?

Gatsby Recipes were just introduced just last month, as a new tool to automate common site building tasks. A Gatsby Recipe is a kind of task runner that can be authored in MDX and then executed from the command line using the Gatsby CLI. Gatsby now ships with a dozen or so default Recipes, and our amazing community has been busy coming up with more useful contributions! React developer Paul Scanlon discussed his process behind making his first two Recipes, and then walks through how to write your own.

保罗·斯坎伦 2020年5月21日
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Instant Content: Strapi CMS + Gatsby for Fast and Friendly Editing

Strapi, the open source headless CMS that developers love, now has a new Gatsby source plugin to help developers and content creators gain velocity in two different ways. Gatsby Preview now seamlessly integrates with Strapi for full hot-loading visibility so you can edit your site fast. Then Gatsby Incremental Builds means getting your changes live faster than ever before -- ten seconds or less!

马克西姆·卡斯特 2020年5月12日
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Mapping Your Closest Impossible Burger with Gatsby

Meat Analogues is a terrific punk band name. But it also describes one of the hottest current trends in food: plant-based protein products so realistic that they fool even hardcore carnivores, with a side of combatting climate change. Impossible Foods is one of the fastest growing alternative meat companies, particularly famous for their juicy and delicious Impossible Burgers. The company’s website wasn't helping hungry customers find their nearest Impossible Burger, though, so they turned to Gatsby to build an interactive mapping web app.

山姆·巴格瓦特 2020年5月7日
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